Science & Technology 

Taking advantage of its core resources in Computer Science, Communication Technology, and Electronic Engineering, PHEI has published many great local titles, most of which are bestsellers with wide and deep influence among readers, researchers and programmers. PHEI wins itself splendid honor with these local titles.  

Besides, PHEI attaches great importance to creating innovative, harmonious environment for authors to inspire their advanced ideas, and help them enhance international competition via training programs, valuable activities and information exchange. 


PHEI has been an Authorized Education Publisher approved by Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China MOE for many years. Our publishing area now ranges from elementary to postgraduate education, covering E&E, Mechanical Engineering, Business and Management.  

PHEI has established a specialized website for the collection and sharing of education resources, providing a variety of information and teaching materials, including courseware and solutions for teachers and students. Up to now, hundreds of titles are honorably selected into High Education Developing Program of China.  

Business and Management  

Over the development in the last decades, PHEI has built a renowned brand in business and management titles, including popular finance, professional titles and textbooks. Some key titles not only have achieved great sales, but also have created mass impact in the relevant fields. 

Children’s Books  

With the successful experience gained from other publishing areas, PHEI launched into children’s books in 2002. The publishing area includes popular science, picture books, early childhood education and so on. In the past years, PHEI has published some influential titles which got positive feedback from readers. Meanwhile, PHEI pays attention to the best sellers abroad to enrich its product line. 

Due to the hard work and great strategic vision, PHEI’s development in children’s books is smooth and rapid. Our titles have gained more and more attention from parents and young readers, some of which have been translated into Spanish, German, French and Italian. These books win recognition by their high quality in the world.   

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